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  • As external export sales department, which represents the product of our clients along with various other non-competitive manufacturers. 

  • As agent for local exporters by establishing the marketing presence in foreign markets soliciting orders from foreign customers in the name of the manufacturer or suppliers. Invoicing on our customer's name and helps them with all details of the export transaction. 

  • Specialize mainly in international purchasing and selling on behalf of foreign clients, while we have no loyalty to a manufacturer 

  • Identify what foreign buyers want to spend their money on and then searches domestic sources willing to export 



  • FAMOUCE act as foreign distributor similar to wholesale distributor in buying for their own account, taking title to and responsibility for the merchandise.

  • As exclusive distributor on a buy-sell basis from manufacturers at a set price and resells to foreign customers at a price established by our company. In this case, FAMOUCE is responsible for invoicing and bears the risk on nonpayment.


  • FAMOUCE ship personal belongings to Sub-Saharan Africa, packed in 60-gallon blue open head drum features a cover with metal lever lock ring and a 100% FDA-approved polyethylene construction. The lid with lever lock provides easy access to drum contents. Plastic drums are a versatile packaging option that are popular in various industries including manufacturing, food and beverage, industrial and more.

  • Drum shipments can include US Blue, Euro Blue or a combination of these shades. 

  • We can ship 60-gallon drums barrels directly to our customer. Stock may vary, check in store for the current supply available.


Open Plastic Drum.png